Located right off of Gateway Rd. at Drake Street, Allhër apartments are within a short walking distance to Yaletown, the West End, and English Bay. This central location situates Ahllër close to numerous restaurants, café's, retail shops and city parks such as George Wainborn Park, David Lam Park and even Sunset Beach Park.  

3940 Gateway Rd. Brookefield, Vancouver 53045


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We were so fortunate to have found Sam when we moved to Van. As our Realtor, he helped us find the right house in the right neighborhood for the right price.

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Start sharing your organization's positive impact.

Learn how 3BL Professional puts your content in
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2021 continued to test us in new ways. From the COVID-19 pandemic to the climate crisis, it's been a challenging year. And yet, we've watched companies rise to the occasion - turning challenges into opportunities to innovate and bring people together. 

We've compiled some of our favorite stories from companies that are working to make the world a better place. We hope you enjoy!

Team Depot Associates Beautify Community Green Space for Detroit Veterans

In October 2021, Team Depot, The Home Depot’s associate volunteer force, came together in Detroit to beautify a community space at a permanent housing facility for veterans facing homelessness. This day of service was part of an ongoing $750,000 commitment by The Home Depot Foundation to support renovations at the housing facility. Home Depot demonstrated their commitment to supporting community members who served in the U.S. Armed Forces and to ensuring those in need have a safe, stable place to call home.

Sequencing to Save the Lemurs: A Collaboration Between the San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance and Illumina

Saving the red-ruffed lemurs will take a village, and Illumina’s iConserve program is an essential part of that effort. In collaboration with the San Diego Zoo Wildlife program and universities in Spain and Madagascar, the iConserve program is working to assemble the first complete, high-quality red ruffed lemur genome. This project will help us understand what we can do to conserve the most threatened group of mammals on earth.


Key Supports Innovative Reentry and Recycle Program 

While reclaiming the environment through the recycling of mixed plastics, electronic components and metals, RecycleForce gives a second chance to people who were formerly incarcerated. With the financial support of KeyBank, RecycleForce has employed nearly 1200 formerly incarcerated men and women since 2006, providing them with education, mentoring and support. This partnership has made a meaningful difference in people’s lives, providing them a second chance as they reenter society. 


Putt Your Way to a More Sustainable Future

WSP contributed to the design of Putting Green, an 18-hole climate change-themed mini golf course in Brooklyn, which opened to the public in September. Each hole showcases a specific climate-related challenge and potential solutions. The 16th hole was designed by WSP and spotlighted the importance of sustainable and equitable public transportation. This project brought the issue of climate change to the public in an accessible and engaging way. 


How MAC Cosmetics’ VIVA GLAM Helped Pave the Way for Inclusive Beauty Culture

MAC Cosmetics is leading the charge toward inclusive beauty culture. They’re committed to showing pride all year long - from marching in Pride parades to supporting LGBTQIA+ organizations around the world. MAC Cosmetics’ Viva Glam program launched in 1994 with a single red lipstick to raise awareness and funds for those living with HIV and AIDS, and has since expanded to a whole line in support of equal rights for women, girls and members of the LGBTQIA+ community.


Intel Al Mentors Seek to Improve Astronaut Health

The work that Intel AI Mentors are doing is out of this world. They’ve partnered with Frontier Development Lab researchers to conduct a health study to better understand the effects of radiation exposure on astronauts. This public-private partnership can help protect astronauts from future health problems and provide a model for how AI can be used in healthcare going forward. 


5 Higher-Ed Programs Using XR to Transform How College Students Learn

HP has been a long-time supporter of extended reality (XR) technology, a combination of both virtual and augmented reality (VR/AR). Over the past five years, XR has found its way into classrooms. Medical students are using it to zoom to a cellular level on human cadavers, and Columbia’s Computer Music Center is using it to allow students to virtually play vintage synthesizers. HP's Applied Research Network initiative has helped more than 20 educational institutions implement XR technologies to expand educational opportunities. 


Hispanic Heritage Month: “Food Is Our Love Language”

To celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month, members of T-Mobile’s Consumer Group team put together a cookbook of their favorite family recipes. Fifty employees submitted recipes that spanned the Latin world, and those who submitted a recipe received a hard copy of the final cookbook. Despite the isolation of the past year and a half, this celebration of history and culture brought families together in kitchens across the country this year.


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